its all about oil in south sudan fordham political review

it's all about oil in south sudan - fordham political review

It's All About Oil in South Sudan - FORDHAM POLITICAL REVIEW

Before Sudan and South Sudan split, oil in the south was transported via pipeline to Port Sudan on the Red Sea in the north. Of course, years of civil war led to less than ideal relations between the two governments, causing South Sudan to cease production of oil entirely a few months after gaining its independence; 350,000 barrels a day reduced to zilch.

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april 2013 - fordham political review


South Sudan, with a poverty rate over 50 percent, cannot afford to go to war. War would prevent its government from taking in much needed revenue, revenue that it cannot afford to not receive. Without the oil, jobs will continue to fall and poverty will rise even further.

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despite corrupt regime, cutting off aid to south sudan isn't

Despite corrupt regime, cutting off aid to South Sudan isn't

Despite corrupt regime, cutting off aid to South Sudan isn't the right move. Most recently in March, Washington imposed new sanctions on 15 oil operators that it said South Sudanese government officials tap to fund the war. In January, the U.S. imposed a long-debated arms embargo on the country.

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pdf the political economy of south sudan -

PDF The Political Economy of South Sudan -

have curtailed oil production in South Sudan. 5. The political economy of South Sudan is characterized by six realities (1) overwhelming opportunities in the non-oil sector that remain untapped due to political and civil insecurity; (2) high dependence on oil, which accounts for about 90% of government revenue, 95% of total

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causes of conflict in south sudan: oil and weak institutions

Causes of Conflict in South Sudan: Oil and Weak Institutions

South Sudan depends on Sudan to transport its oil and when the oil prices are going down South Sudan receives per barrel less than $10 while Sudan is getting at least $25 per barrel. So just because of the pipeline, or just because South Sudanese oil flow throw their transportation system, they are receiving almost three quarter of the oil revenue.

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south sudan is divided by the spoils of oil, not ethnicity

South Sudan is divided by the spoils of oil, not ethnicity

Jan 14, 2014 · South Sudan is divided by the spoils of oil, not ethnicity. B ehind the violence in South Sudan, according to much of the coverage, is a power struggle between political rivals in the ruling Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM), and a conflict rooted in hostility between two of South Sudan's largest ethnic groups: the Dinka and the Nuer.

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pdf country analysis brief: sudan and south sudan -

PDF Country Analysis Brief: Sudan and South Sudan -

economy because it lost 75% of its oil production fields to South Sudan. According to an International Monetary Fund country report, Sudan's government revenues and foreign exchange earnings fell by about one-half and two-thirds, respectively. 2 Sudan and South Sudan's oil sectors

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how can the u.s. exercise leadership in south sudan's peace

How can the U.S. exercise leadership in South Sudan's peace

South Sudan is in dire need of an inclusive political settlement that addresses the underlying causes of the crisis and sets up a new inclusive political order. ... South Sudan's oil revenues ...

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pdf oil industry in sudan - sudan tribune

PDF Oil industry in Sudan - Sudan Tribune

Since its independence of Britain and separation from Egypt in 1956, Sudan has enjoyed only 11 years of relative stability and peace. The oil discoveries in Sudan, in the late 1970's have additionally aggravated the political and economic situation in Sudan.

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heglig crisis

Heglig Crisis

In January 2012, South Sudan shut down all of its oil fields in a row over the fees Sudan demanded to transit the oil. In May 2011, it was reported that Sudan had seized control of Abyei, a disputed oil-rich border region, with a force of approximately 5,000 soldiers after three days of clashes with South Sudanese forces.

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economy of south sudan

Economy of South Sudan

All values, unless otherwise stated, are in US dollars.. The economy of South Sudan is one of the world's weakest and most underdeveloped, with South Sudan having little existing infrastructure and the highest maternal mortality and female illiteracy rates in the world as of 2011.. South Sudan is one of the poorest countries in the world.

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oil & gas corruption in south sudan - global witness

Oil & Gas Corruption in South Sudan - Global Witness

South Sudan. The world's newest country is also one of Africa's biggest oil producers. But despite all the hope, its oil revenue is not reaching those who need it most. South Sudan is the world's newest country and one of Africa's biggest oil producers. At independence, its oil was identified as its most important source of income.

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china's foreign policy experiment in south sudan | crisis group

China's Foreign Policy Experiment in South Sudan | Crisis Group

[fn] Luke Patey, The New Kings of Crude: China, India, and the Global Struggle for Oil in Sudan and South Sudan (London, 2014).Hide Footnote Then new to overseas investment and operations and less daunted by security and political risks than most companies, CNPC obtained concessions for largely untapped oil reserves with limited competition ...

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south sudan plans to double oil production |

South Sudan Plans To Double Oil Production |

South Sudan Plans To Double Oil Production. The main oil firms involved in South Sudan's production are China National Petroleum Company (CNPC), Malaysia's state-run oil and gas firm Petronas, and India's Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) Videsh.

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with oil at stake, south sudan's crisis matters to its

With oil at stake, South Sudan's crisis matters to its

Jan 20, 2014 · Despite its oil, South Sudan remains one of the world's least-developed countries, reliant on hundreds of millions of dollars in annual development aid from the United States and its allies.

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3 ways trump administration could show us cares about south

3 ways Trump administration could show US cares about South

The US hasn't released the outcome of its review of assistance for South Sudan, nor released a policy to address the escalating civil war. 3 ways Trump administration could show US cares about ...

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japan's misadventure in south sudan | foreign affairs

Japan's Misadventure in South Sudan | Foreign Affairs

Although not far from the bright lights and crushing crowds of the megacity's commercial center, Ogikubo is a rather subdued neighborhood. When I visited in May, its calm and relaxed residential atmosphere was a sharp contrast to the political rancor that was building in the capital's government quarter, Nagatacho.

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a new oil dispute between sudan and south sudan - stratfor

A New Oil Dispute Between Sudan and South Sudan - Stratfor

Furthermore, South Sudan does not have the capability to protect all of its oil infrastructure in the region, as fighting in April 2012 showed. Both governments are dependent on revenue from oil exports, but South Sudan is in the tougher position. Prior to halting production in January 2012, oil revenue constituted 97 percent of Juba's budget.

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pdf the political economy of south sudan

PDF The Political Economy of South Sudan

evolution of the political economy of the new state of South Sudan, and to highlight the major challenges of both peace and state building. 1.1.5 The overall objective of the study is to deepen the Bank's knowledge of the political economy of South Sudan, and to facilitate the development of its own strategy for the country

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sudan and south sudan: post ... - beyond intractability

Sudan and South Sudan: Post ... - Beyond Intractability

The secession of South Sudan from Sudan had major economic, political, and social implications. The expansive border between the two countries spans 2135 kilometers — more than the borders collectively around South Sudan with Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Central Africa, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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opinion | south sudan should privatize its k-12 education

Opinion | South Sudan should privatize its K-12 education

South Sudanese Teacher Teaching a Class under a Tree; Adapted from: South Sudan should privatize all or part of its education system in order to enable many school children within ...

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oil profits are fueling south sudan's civil war |

Oil Profits Are Fueling South Sudan's Civil War |

Impoverished South Sudan is rich in natural resources and oil revenue is the country's main hard currency export income—it's not a leap to suggest that oil revenues are funding its side of ...

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sudan and south sudan - international - analysis - u.s

Sudan and South Sudan - International - Analysis - U.S

Disruptions in oil production, disputes over oil revenue sharing, and lower oil prices have had a negative effect on both economies. In January 2012, South Sudan shut down virtually all of its oil production because of a dispute with Sudan over transit fees. The dispute was not resolved until April 2013 after protracted negotiations.

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pdf south sudan: solutions for moving beyond an ethnic conflict

PDF South Sudan: Solutions for Moving Beyond an Ethnic Conflict

South Sudan: Solutions for Moving Beyond an "Ethnic Conflict" Christa Charbonneau Kuntzelman, M.A. Candidate DePaul University Abstract Although ethnicity is a contributing factor to the ongoing crisis in South Sudan, particularly after the re-escalation of violence in December of 2013, the characterization of the

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pdf fragility and state-society relations in south sudan

PDF Fragility and State-Society Relations in South Sudan

Fragility and State-Society Relations in South Sudan 1 Executive Summary It has long been recognized that the new state of South Sudan would face daunting challenges.

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pdf common country analysis for sudan desk review -

PDF Common Country Analysis for Sudan Desk Review -

resources upon which they depend decreased by 40 percent. Also of significance was the loss to South Sudan of 75 percent of the country's oil revenue. All these factors posed substantial challenges to the economy in a country where most (approximately 70 percent) of its population directly or indirectly draw their living from agriculture.

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sudan, south sudan, and darfur: what everyone needs to know

Sudan, South Sudan, and Darfur: What Everyone Needs to Know

Among the many recent books on Sudan's enormous and persistent potential for violent conflict, these two deserve special notice. Natsios provides a clear and dispassionate general introduction to the country's history and politics, designed for the lay reader. LeRiche and Arnold, in the first comprehensive analysis of the world's youngest state, explore the role that

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south sudan: resolving the oil dispute -

South Sudan: Resolving the Oil Dispute -

Although South Sudan gained its independence from Sudan in 2011, the two countries face ongoing oil disputes that have led to the suspension of crude production. Witney Schneidman and Anne Kamau ...

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pdf imf country report no. 345 republic of south sudan


Sudan's territory), South Sudan suspended all oil production in January 2012.4 Before the shutdown, South Sudan's oil production was about 330,000 barrels per day. 5 1 In the past year, oil production accounted for 99 percent of exports, 95 percent of government revenue, and about

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who's to blame in south sudan? | boston review

Who's to Blame in South Sudan? | Boston Review

The All-South Sudan Political Parties Conference, held the previous year, had ended with a call for a transitional government of national unity, composed of all political parties and headed by Kiir; it resolved to hold a Constitutional Conference and another election in two years.

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