What is soybean protein?

Soybean protein can be classified ordinary soybean protein ,soybean concentrate protein and soybean isolate protein, normally the ordinary soybean protein can be used as animal feed, the concentrate soybean protein can be used in edible food, the isolate soybean protein can be used in medicine and health care products.

Normally we can produce the machine to make the ordinary soybean protein and soybean concentrate protein

How to make the soybean protein?

The ordinary soybean protein production process is:

Pretreatment——Solvent Extraction—–Wet meal Desolventizer—-Dryer

The soybean concentrate protein production process is:

Pretreatment—–solvent extraction—-low temperature desolventizer—-crushing flakes into powder

Normally the whole process need to do in a low temperature to keep the protein component unchangeable,also in the pretreatment process, the dehulling need two times at least,and must be at low temperature to do the desolventizer process.